EIC is one of the largest companies in the batteries field with all types and capabilities in ME, as it is the sole representative of a group of the largest European, American and British manufacturers of batteries in the world because of its great history in this area.

EIC was established in the sixties of last century in the Automotive battery market then generated the successes and expansions so that EIC became a major supplier in the Egyptian market for all types of batteries, Forklifts, electrical equipment and utility, as well as UPS batteries and Electric cars of all types, in addition to all types of batteries of solar energy and renewable energy.

EIC Vision,
To be the leading supplier in the Middle-east and African markets in the advanced energy field.

EIC Mission,
Providing the best energy generators of all sizes and types to meet all the different needs and diverse and have the ability to withstand the maximum effort in different working environments and special conditions with the provision of the best after-sales service at an appropriate cost in cooperation with the best and largest manufacturers in the world for the MEA mark

EIC Objectives,
• Sustain and Increase our market share by providing the right solution to the right customers and ensure that its meets with the customers’ budget and satisfaction expectations.
• Filling the gap of knowledge & experience in the power and batteries Business Community with practical business power and batteries modules.
• Connect the business community members with new horizons of healthy growth by insure a sustainable and constant power and batteries source.
• Create and Increase impressive positive awareness reflecting high demand on our power products & services.

EIC Competitive Values,