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about us

EIC - Egyptian International Co.

The Egyptian International company is one of the leading companies to work in battery's field as the first factory established by the company was opened in the presence of president Gamal Abdelnaser in the early sixties.

The company started up as manufacturer and with the first factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt to produce a full locally manufactured battery inside the republic which was Force Factory for Batteries, this factory was considered senior battery supplier in the Egyptian market, actually in the different sectors with the different requirements, especially for the armed forces as the company at that time had saved the armed forces requirements of batteries of special qualifies and the most powerful batteries for harsh uses, it had also covered 80% of the Egyptian market needs.

According to the strategy of leadership which we follow in that field, the Egyptian International Company (E.I.C) in the middle seventies of the last century , we honor to manufacture the first industrial battery of the electric forklifts which was a full locally manufactured, the matter that astonished the entire battery sector.

By the early 21st century, our company changed its tendency as it started up importing industrial batteries from the outside which occurred because of the very fast and progressive world development in the clean energy area and the whole electric equipment, besides the price of raw lead and the price of imported batteries are almost the same.

Therefore, the company had searched for the good partner to work together and it started to import the batteries from the outside instead of locally production and it concentrated on selecting, experimenting and examining the imported batteries as it has a deep experience in that field.

Finally, our company succeeded in finding the good partner from the European Market, we united together to represent the significant name which involve the name of our company " Egyptian International Company E.I.C" and the name of "MIDAC Italian Company" which is considered one of the world leading companies in that field, it has a big share in the world market as well.

Thanks to an elite of chemists and engineers at the highest level of competence and professionalism under the leadership of an experienced management in this area more than half a century. Hence, we’ve became an active and influential force in the field of industrial batteries of various types within Egyptian market. In addition to that, our success in our field was witnessed by the major companies in all areas.

About Midac Batteries

The only company that produces Automotive, Motive power and Stationary batteries in the same manufacturing plant, in less than twenty years it has become one of the leading companies in Europe and its products are sold worldwide.

The challenges we pose ourselves in the future are to further bind our production to matching performance with the environment, constructional quality with an optimized production chain, opening to foreign markets while strengthening our Italian identity, because it is only through technological research, care for our products and by exploiting the worth of our HR, that Midac can succeed in attaining new targets.

about us

Midac has lab tests carried out on the raw materials (physical and chemical tests) and on the finished product (mechanical, functional and electrical tests) to guarantee the utmost reliability of its production. To give an example, our standards of quality and endurance and safety tests for the Automotive sector, such as the Roll-Over Test, comply with the stringent specifications of the primary global automobile Companies. The company relies heavily on research veered toward accumulating and exploiting energy to manufacture innovative batteries intended for diverse and emerging markets (telecommunications, renewable energy sources, emergency systems, boating and other special usage), capable of competing and being up to par with the competition of large international manufacturers.


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