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Midac is one of the leading European manufacturers of industrial motive power batteries and offer a complete range of DIN motive power cells “MDL” starting from 2PzS100 up to 10PzS1600 on standard production, including special products up to 12PzS1920 on demand. The product offering is completed by a market-oriented range of British Standard Cells “MBS” from 55 to 105 Ah plate is available.

Midac cells and batteries can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to achieve maximum performances and reliable use. We are available to understand any customer need to study and provide the cost-effective solution to match requirements.

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  1. LID
  2. Exclusive MIDAC design, adapted for push-in plugs and fitting of Air-Tech system (charge with air mixing), allows the optimal sealing of the terminal posts through special rubber bushes.

  3. POST
  4. Robust cross-section, with M10 threaded insert designed to ensure high electrical conductivity and the best mechanical characteristics.

  6. Exclusive MIDAC design, guarantees the perfect electrical connection between the cells, ensuring full insulation of conductors.

  8. Microporous polyethylene envelop, to ensure high performance and complete insulation between positive and negative plates, while allowing the free flow of electrolyte throughout the cell.

  10. Tubular design with state-of-the-art gauntlet technology and pins-grid produced by die-casting, to give high mechanical characteristics and maximum current carrying capacity.

  12. Thick with cage design grid for improved holding of the active material and high electrical conductivity.

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